The Beginning – Jake & Brittney

Jake and Brittney

In the summer of 2005, I met my wife, Brittney, back in California.  Fast forward to Christmas Eve 2009 and you find me, on my knee, proposing marriage to that same girl.  I wanted to tell everyone about our impending marriage, and knew that I had to do it my way.  I researched many sites dealing with wedding invitations and found a lot of useful tools (thanks Cordelle!) but I wanted to have complete control over the design of our wedding announcement: so I began the two-week process that would culminate in the above design!

Our first consideration was the colors: we wanted classic black & white (with a touch of red for some classy flair) so those colors became the backbone for the design.  We already had beautiful, high-resolution photographs (amazing work, Laurie Hite!) so the design had to be crisp and sharp to match.  After many drafts, we chose to use a single photo on the front side with our names BIG & BOLD–one of the biggest complaints I’ve heard is that the pictures on announcements don’t show the faces of the couple and the name isn’t prominent enough!  Sometimes Aunt Edna (who does not use Facebook) has no idea you were even dating anyone and can’t make out the face of your fiancé.  The front photo had to be full-color as well to add to the clarity we were looking for.

The back side design took a different turn.  The primary concern was to have legible, properly-sized typography so the background picture had to be achromatic and fade to black on the side bar for the perfect background for legible text.  We had to continue the flair to break up the monotony, so we chose red accents carefully to add interest and intrigue to the design.

The final touch to our design was the addition of the invitation to our sealing in the Oakland temple.  The card was small, so we had to make the most of the real estate.  We chose to again use an achromatic background (image of the actual temple) with text on top.  Of course, the subtle flair had to be reincorporated with the red accents.

Designing the invitation was enjoyable and a very rewarding experience.  I created over 20 drafts and spent many nights in the design lab at BYU tweaking items pixel by pixel.  The results were perfect (for us!) and the catalyst for all the work I have done since.  I’m not an elementary school teacher, so I can have favorites: this is my favorite wedding invitation I have ever designed.

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